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Any device or method of delivering frequency to the body that provides a benefit to the body or the mind is comprised of one or more components of frequency therapy. The theory and effects of frequency therapy is therefore derived from, and demonstrated by a great deal of normal human experience. Everything from jogging to playing the harp, provide the evidence of benefit, as they have for many centuries.

The therapeutic value of music was well established when the pyramids were new. The empirical knowledge that has accumulated since that time is immense, and along with many other modern technologies, frequency therapy has advanced up to the present day.

Nearly every type of modern appliance has been revolutionized by an advanced understanding of the uses and control of frequency.

During the last century, it became possible for researchers to begin to map out precisely how frequency therapy actually works on the body, and this has resulted in a very high degree of repeatability of effects.

The claims made by renown microscopist Royal Rife of San Diego, California, were in the end, ignored by the mainstream. Since then, only those brave personal experimenters have advanced the home remedy. Such devices are most popularly referred to as a Rife Machine.

The Rife machine therefore is an instrument that delivers energy to the body as a stimulus to the user; this may at the same time, provide a destructive environment to all kinds of pathogens.

So, there is really no cut and dried definition of what a Rife machine is. But there are a few things that we must be sure a Rife machine is not. By our definition, a Rife machine is something that does the user a lot of good, and that is scientifically sound in its design, and empirically safe for home use. A Rife machine is not supposed to be dangerous, or harmful during normal use. Broadcast, or “ray machines” violate this basic safety rule.

Rife technology of the 1930’s was, by modern standards almost unimaginably arcane. An outgrowth from Rife’s landmark discoveries using his own unique microscopical hardware.

Rife was able to prove the modern theory of frequency therapy.

The de-vitalization of pathogenic or parasitic microscopic organisms.

By observing living microorganisms while he destroyed them with frequency specific energy under the microscope, a major part of the mystery of frequency therapy was revealed.

Rife endeavored to produce special machines for use in a clinical setting. He did as any good entrepreneur would, in that he attempted to separate himself from the many frequency devices that were already in use. To do this, he chose a method of application that relied on radio energy, to transmit the correct frequencies to the subject. A method that had worked well enough on glass slides under the microscope.

For a brief time it was thought, even by mainstream, that this was the cure for all diseases, and Rife was reveled as a savior for the afflicted.

To this day, many hundreds of thousands of people have seen or experienced the results a modern Rife Machine is capable of. Almost all of those do not use the radio frequency methods of Royal Rife.

The real technology today employs electronics and experience far beyond anything Rife ever imagined. It is the result of many experimenters, scientists and engineers spanning decades.

At this point the established and most advanced devices have the advantage. A long history of constant feedback from users gives manufacturers like our sponsor, a better perspective, a better product, and a mature, responsible outlook.

Mr. Rife was too far ahead of his time. He could not have known that it would take generations of work before his dream of a universally effective device could become a real and achievable goal.

Nothing of his original technology survives. All replaced by better, more effective hardware. His name, and the principals he discovered remain however, as a legacy and a tribute to a great 20th century American scientist and pioneer.

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