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There is a school of thought that it is the “Ray Tube” (also known as a broadcast-type device) that is the true Rife machine. These instruments deliver radio frequencies rather than direct current. In a certain way this could be considered accurate, in that the transducer could not be used to treat Rife’s microscope. This is because they are too powerful.

Transducers will generally kill anything that lives on a microscope slide – at any frequency- because it requires so little current to to kill bacteria or viruses in a subject of a single drop of liquid, with no resistance at all.

It was of paramount importance to Dr. Rife that he prove his frequency theory; thus he invented the broadcast instrument. This device allowed him to deliver frequency to the slide which would kill only one type of pathogen at a time, leaving the others unharmed. This afforded him the means to produce obvious and powerful proof of his theory. It is little known that his broadcast instrument was powered by the transducer. The transducer, in fact, was the frequency instrument.

Dr. Rife knew enough about physics to understand that far more energy than what a broadcast device could produce was needed in order to achieve similar results inside a living body, where huge resistances would be present.

Ray tube promoters were ignorant of these simple facts before they committed to a different paradigm. The most factual part of what they claim is that Rife invented the broadcast-type machine. Indeed, he invented it to prove his theory.

Over the years it has been proven that even a very feeble transducer vastly out-performs the most powerful ray tube modalities. This is because a transducer is direct and broadcast is indirect.

There are a great many other things that make the transducer a far better method of delivering frequency to the body. The most notable of these is the electrocution of pathogens. Something that no non-contacting instrument can do. It is far easier to electrocute pathogens than it is to destroy them by frequency alone. Far more reliable as well.

JWLABS machines deliver the mortal rates at an energy output that is also an electrocuting force to virus and bacteria. This makes the effect a lot more reliable and predictable. There are a host of other effects that can be realized using the transducer, and that are not possible in any other way. The Department of Defense verifies this for us in the document, Electro Conformational Coupling, where endergonic reactions induced by oscillating current are described in detail. They include cyclic enzyme catalysis, mitochondrial ATP synthase, and others. There are many others.

The Rife Machine has come a long way in 75 years.

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